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sleeping angel

Book # 32 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Author John Boyne has written a sensitive, eye opening account of the Holocaust seen through the eyes of nine year old Bruno. Bruno's dad has a very important job but Bruno isnt able to explain it to his friends because it has never been explained to him. Suddenly one day Bruno is told that the family is moving to a new house and that they might be living there for some time. Bruno finds it very lonely living at "Out With". There are no friends to be had and he cant figure out why the people behind the big fence all wear the same striped pajamas. Then one day things change and Bruno meets a young boy named Shmuel.

The voice of Bruno haunted me days after reading this story. It showed me that there were innocent's on either side of this terrible mark in history.

Without giving the plot away, I just want to say that the friendship between Bruno and Shmuel was bitter sweet and sharp in contrast to the actions of the adults. This is not a book for younger children but I would recommend it for early teensand adults alike.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
John Boyne
copyright 2006
216 pages


I really like this cover. Thanks for the review.


the book

The book is very good, but the ending was very sad, leaving me in tears. I strongly recommend it to anyone